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You’re the PLUG: Lemme get you together real quick

Written by Bre Nicole

Many people believe happiness can only be achieved when everything is perfect or when things are going the way they want it to go.

I know for myself; I tend to let things that aren’t going my way overpower what God may be trying to show me. If I don't make spending time with myself to self-reflect a priority then I know that negative thoughts will take over my spirit and the energy that I put out into the universe.

For a long time, I felt happiness was only achieved in the absence of pain, hurt, and disappointments. I did things that only provided me with a temporary high, instead of searching for the root of my unfulfillment. Some of those things included sex, partying, drinking, or smoking. Please understand that those actions are like empty calories, they serve no purpose or benefit.

"You have those who do happy and those who are happy with their whole being."

Through self discovery and understanding the differences between happiness of instant gratification and the longing of true satisfaction I've found sense of purpose. I take a step back and reevaluate my values and inner self. Three questions that help me stay on a positive path are:

  1. Why am I moving in this direction ?

  2. Why am I making this decision?

  3. How is this going to add value to my life?

I must continue to be honest and love myself through the process, even when I don’t understand the why.

It is important to be aware, present, and grateful for both the good and the indifferent. Sometimes we won’t understand the difficult moments in life but, I personally practice to never question it.

This helps me to:

  • Be aware of my gifts more than my weaknesses.

  • Be present in the moment and enjoy it as well.

  • Being grateful that God woke me up and I have another chance to do something different.

  • Be in a place of peace and patience to know that everything will work out exactly how it’s supposed to.

Ask yourself, “Am I thankful for all the good that has happened in my life thus far or am I too caught up in what is not working in my life?”

True happiness starts with you. It starts with self-reflection, changing your mindset, letting things go in your life that is no longer serving you. It might sound cliché’ but chiiiillllllllldddd, It’s straight facts!

True happiness is found being in a space where peace can flow into easily despite any unfilled goals, your to-do list, how much you possess, relationship status, and the mistakes you’ve made.

When you realign your focus, get in tuned with yourself, and find your purpose, true happiness will naturally flow through everything you touch, feel, and visualize.

You’re the plug to your happiness, the source is you.

And YOU can never be disposable or replaced.


Bre Nicole