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Author: Bre Nicole

she who finds her purpose

walks with confidence and boldness

not limiting her gifts

inside the cage, they fight to fit her in

When you hear purpose, what comes to your mind? A gift that you may have? Maybe a goal you been trying to accomplish? Or is it about a strong passion you have for something? I mean there are so many definitions and it means different to everyone. I believe your purpose is deep inside of you. It’s in a place where only you can find if you’re feeding yourself the way you’re supposed to.

Take a moment…Think about it

What am I feeding myself? Am I pouring into myself more than I’m pouring into other people and things that can be replaced?

It’s so important that we feed ourselves mentally, spiritually, and physically in the best ways we can. Are you taking time to yourself? Are you allowing yourself to be comfortable being alone to reflect and process the stage you are in your life? Is your cup full, half full, or empty? Are you in the capacity to pour into someone else’s cup, because yours is overflowing?

I used to struggle so much being alone because I always felt happy when I was around other people. I never took the time to learn who Breanna is, what is the purpose God has for her, or the gifts that she is blessed with. Every day I was at someone house, going out for drinks, and partying. Not even realizing I was seeking happiness and peace in things that weren’t feeding me my soul. I was seeking in things that weren’t ever going to teach me what I needed to grow.

Then one day, I went into a deep depression and I just couldn’t figure out why. I was constantly comparing myself to other women, upset that I didn’t know my purpose, and crying because I didn’t think I had a passion for anything. Also, I just didn’t understand why my life was falling apart. Instead of complaining and moping around, I chose to take control of my life again. I took a step back and asked myself, “What are you feeding yourself mentally and spiritually?” Here are some things I committed to bring myself out of the dark, get uncomfortable to be comfortable, and truly learn who I am and the purpose that was deep inside of me.

1. Find a good book to elevate your mindset.

Reading is a good way to learn, relax, increase your mental stimulation, and reduce stress. I’m currently reading, “Don’t Settle for Safe” by Sarah Jakes Robert and it feels really good to read and learn that you’re not the only one battling with a certain issue. If they can get through it, you can too.

2. Get a Journal

Journaling is my best friend. I journal when I read, pray, meditate, self-reflect, and when I feel that writing is the only way to express how I feel. Journaling is great to help bring clarity when nothing makes sense. I feel like its therapeutic and its great when you don’t want to talk to anyone.

3. Take 30 minutes out of your day, stop everything and do exactly nothing

Your days might be extremely busy, as a college student juggling multiple roles I get it! Even for mothers, wives, entrepreneurs, all different types of career fields, it's so important to take a moment and breathe. Give yourself the time you deserve, refill your cup. Take 3 long deep breathes and take a moment a enjoy the present.

4. Spend some time by yourself

Date yourself! Learn how to enjoy your own company. Learn and get comfortable with attending events by yourself, eating by yourself, or even going to grab a drink. Do something you’ve been afraid of, try new experiences, and leap out on faith! You’ll be surprised how much you learn about yourself when it’s just YOU.

5. ELIMINATE INEFFECTIVE relationships, friendships, bad habits, and caring what people say or think of you.

Be in control with who’s around you. Surround yourself with people who push you above your limits, motivates you, supports you, and are honest enough to tell you when you’re slacking and encourages you to get back up and try again.

Remember that saying your mom used to tell you growing up? “People will talk about you until the day you die.” That’s a classic! Lol, but seriously!!! People will talk about you even when you’re doing good, just pray for them. Let them hate, and you keep ELEVATING QUEEN and that’s PERIOD! Don’t ever let what people say or think about you stop you from accomplishing what’s destined for you! The ememy can’t take away God’s plan for your life.

Learn what bad habits you have and write down goals to eliminate them. It’s a journey, but you got it! KEEP PUSHING!

Until next time…Thank you for reading Queens!


Bre Nicole

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