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Getaway With Your Girls

Author: Desiree M.

Sometimes I get so consumed with school and work and forget to do something fun for myself. Spring break is over and everyone seemed to go to Miami. Why not be different and plan a small spontaneous trip with your friends on the off-season (the time that everyone is not flocking to one place). Be daring and do something different. The sun and nice weather always seems to make people happier (I know I am a 10x better person when the sun is out). Look at your schedule, call your girls, and plan the heck out of your little road trip! Making amazing memories with your friends is the perfect way to spice up your life!

Find a location. Look for a destination that is 4 hours or less of a drive for you to go to. Since this is just a quick road trip, it shouldn’t be any place that requires you to need a passport and a huge amount of money. Google is amazing to help you find a location that is convenient.

Research the area. Once you have found your spot, research different activities you can do there. Look up restaurants, shopping centers, parks, etc.

Prepare your budget. Make sure you make a budget on what you are willing to spend for your weekend getaway. Remember that gas should be included in your budget. It is polite that whoever is using their care and driving to this location is appreciated. Gas should be split between everyone who is going.

Have your playlist ready. I know I am not the only one who likes to sing to the top of my lungs while I’m in the car. Have a mix of different genres that each of you like. Nothing is worse than when the driver is playing only classical music when you are into pop and hip-hop (speaking from experience…I almost lost my mind in the car. P.S. there is nothing wrong with classical music. Just wasn’t my thing at that moment.)

And remember, have fun! Be in the moment and really enjoy the company that is around you. Of course you want to capture the moment with cute pictures and videos, but if you are constantly on your phone, you will not be experiencing what is going on around you. Stay plugged in and connected into your surroundings. You will experience something your phone can never get!


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