• DearAmbitiousGirl

It's Your World

Author: Juliea

Affirmation : I vow to embrace the things I cannot change and those I can.

It is true that those considered optimists, or positive thinkers are at an advantage in life versus the pessimists. This is because of the effects your attitude and mindset has on everything you come across. What could be considered as our daily life programs which entails relationships of all sorts, our job and also our health can be affected both positively or negatively mirrored from a simple reaction. Chain reactions or the domino effect can be the perfect example to explain further. In a chain reaction, positive feedback leads to a self - amplifying chain of events. Have you ever had a day where you woke up from getting a solid eight hours of sleep? You made a good breakfast and had time to ease yourself into the day. You get to work a bit early and now have time to review notes and set up your day the way you want it. You feel good so you look good and the day goes on the same. Now think of the versa. You overslept, rushed to work to get pulled over for speeding which now makes you later than the already late. You then finally get to work to have your boss speak about your tardiness although this is the first time since you have been employed there that you’ve been late. Now you got an attitude and it's hard for you to keep focused so your performance at work isn’t and the day goes on the same. These are two examples of how your outlook based of a chain of events can control the rest of your day. Remember this as I go further and how this same concept can help adapt you to change.

The same way your attitude can have a domino effect towards everything we do in our daily lives, our attitude toward life is affected by our ability to embrace change. If change happens to you, whether good or bad, your reaction will determine the ripple effects from the current. It serves you best when you embrace change with an open mind. It's important to look past the “why me?” or that “am I really ready for this? “because the key is to know that we are the doers of our own destinies. That goes to say that even in those moments of unforeseen events, how we respond will determine our growth.

Most people fear change because of its nature to take us out of our comfort zones. Although it is common knowledge that everything outside comfortability is progress of some sort. Fear of the unknown can cause the smartest or most for sure people to question themselves of their capabilities. But you know this and won't allow any feelings of fear impede on your decisions to move forward with style and grace.

See after that change literally generates experience. Once you have already been through a situation you are now able to better equip yourself if it was to happen again. It is also better if you understand your power of free will. Once you acknowledge that even if the messiest of situations you effect change, change does not affect you. This puts you in the position of power because now you are in control. Be in control of your reactions and be in control of your destiny. Until next time Ms. Ambitious Girl, remember this is your world, we are just living in it.

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