• DearAmbitiousGirl

Dear Black Girl,

Author: Bre Nicole

Ooh my Black Girl why are you so lost

Hiding, lying, and running to go far

To escape the pain from being tossed and crossed

She moves so fast, lane to lane

Did you ever heal from the first one

Or did you wash your hands and hop on the next train

Ooh my Black Girl why are you trying to be someone’s else’s foundation

Knees buckling, balance is shaky, and the heart is slowly stopping

Spine chilling dreams, terrifying thoughts, boisterous cries

Lord do you hear this Black Girl’s frustration

Sex is her temptation

Mixing a bowl of emptiness

Painting understanding as her desperation

Wholeness has been missing

Don’t settle for less with the memories of reminiscing

Ooh my Black Girl when are you going to wake up

Believe that storms never last forever

Everyone deserves a new beginning

Forgiveness, Fight, and Favor is the basis of all her spiritual endeavors

Ooh my Black Girl the journey won’t be as clear

Protect your Peace

God’s presence is always near

Just walk by FAITH and NEVER by sight

Give him all your worries, and end with a prayer at night

Black Girl, Black Girl, Black Girl, Ooh my strong Beautiful Black girl

You’re one of God greatest creations

Be faithful, strong, and keep fighting

And let God become your foundation and change be your Inspiration

Look yourself in the mirror, no one can ever be you. You are unique, beautiful, and was created with grace. Sometimes we as woman become lost, lost in our world of chaos. Sometimes we forget to be still, and we move so fast into something else. Be still, patient, and be present in the moment that you’re experiencing. Give all your worries to the man above! He never puts you through anything you can’t handle. Allow him to lead, and you follow.

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