• DearAmbitiousGirl

The Delicate Art of Negativity

Author: Portia B.

We all are striving to elevate higher. Everyday we attempt to reach total wellness and a peaceful lifestyle. However, we are not perfect and sometimes we feel unattractive or inadequate, we may say things we do not mean or neglect ourselves and those we care about. An important thing to remember is part of reaching our ultimate selves, is learning to appreciate everything that comes out of the human experience, positive and negative.

Negative people are annoying (to say the least) and negative energy does have a way of spreading like an STD on a college campus in the spring. But, we can imagine scenarios were negativity might be appropriate. Is it genuine to be positive one hundred percent of the time? #Nah! Sadness, self-doubt and frustration are a part of our natural experience.

I believe all emotions are good emotions, but too much of any emotion is NOT good; even joy, happiness, and positivity. Being positive 100% of the time is absolutely impossible and it’s actually really toxic to encourage people to be that way and to come down on them (or ourselves) when we have moments of negativity. Being negative is a delicate art but it is possible. Here are somethings to keep in mind when trying to be negative.

Negativity can be a catalyst.

Fear, self-doubt and insecurity, can be motivation. Learning to wield our negative emotions can help us take on the things that are making us feel that way. This, like everything, will take practice. Once we begin to recognize that the "bad feelings" can galvanize us or inform what our next move should be, we won't hold on to them for so long.

Better out than in

Imagine having a fever and trudging into work or school, acting as if we weren’t feeling sick. What happens when we do that? IT GETS WORSE! Much like a fever, we have to let our less appealing emotions run their course. Get your rest, remedy them with the necessary actions (exercise, a good meal, crying, meditation).Sit with them, let them pass so you can move forward!

Negativity should be just for you

Now keep in mind that if we need to pout, we don't need to involve everyone! Vent to your faithful friends (but be sure you aren't "dumping" on them, especially without their consent) and journal like crazy when you're feeling low. If We're going to have that deeply needed pity party, make sure you aren't dragging anyone down with you.

Of course, we should aim to be more positive, and peaceful humans, but reaching that also comes with acknowledging how we really feel in the moment. Humans are complex, we can have an overall positive demeanor and have moments when a negative emotions comes through, THAT IS OKAY. Stay true to your emotions and don't let anyone pressure you into fake positivity. Keep going, and keep growing.