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A Warrior's Affirmation

Author: Bre Nicole

Born from a Queen’s womb, a blessing sent from above

That day was never a mistake

The heart and grace it took to birth a warrior was with unconditional love

A warrior’s journey never ends


She begins to feel the end of the storm is nowhere near

Scars weeping bandages

Open wounds yearning for healing

Body, mind, and spirit is completely damaged

Depression arising, hollering, “I just want my life to be fixed and managed”

Battling day after day, her cries screeches for happiness and peace

A warrior’s journey is never effortless

Look in the mirror, Block the spirit of doubt and just Believe

Believe that the journey is already written

Believe that you’re not defined by your storm

Fight to stay committed

Committed to keep beating the odds that are trying to break you down


Wipe your tears, repeat these words and find your crown

You were born with an immeasurable soul

With the ability to name your destiny

Stay faithful and keep your eyes on the goal

Be proud of your story, head held high

The fearless, life giver, virtuous woman you were born to be will never die

As it shaped you to become the woman you are today

Remember Warrior, you are more than you see

Breathe, Take one day at a time

You are loved endlessly

I chose to write this poem to encourage women who may feel their battles are more than they can handle. Take a moment to breathe and have faith the storm never lasts forever.

I went through a lot in the past few weeks and it brought my spirits down significantly. I felt down, defeated and helpless because my mind kept wondering, “Why is this happening? When are things going to get better?” However, I have some amazing supportive people in my life who reminded me that its not about how much stress you’re dealing with, but how you respond to it. That moment I changed my perception about what I was faced with, looked at the bigger picture in what lesson was being taught and I no longer felt defeated. I felt stronger because I knew this was just one more thing added to my story about how I’m becoming the woman I’m destined to be.

After reading this, I want you to remember every single obstacle you’re faced with, builds you up, increases your wisdom, and prepare you for the next level in your life. The stronger you become, the tougher the journey gets, but a true Warrior never gives up and continues to fight.

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