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DO IT FOR THE GRAM & DETOX: How a social media detox can change your life.

Dear Ambitious Girls, Am I the only one who was livid when Instagram went down?! It sounds pathetic, but I was truly upset. As a student, schoolwork takes so much of my time so I use social media as a way to distress, but I don’t realize how toxic it can be at times. I just finished studying the week prior for an exam and was so happy to have my afternoon “just finished that exam but don’t know how I did” snack. I warmed up my muffin, had my drink on the counter, and had my phone opened in my hand to see what exciting things were happening on Instagram that day. I pressed the app and BOOM! To my surprise the app was acting up. I kept refreshing and refreshing and refreshing! “What is wrong with this phone?” I said. What do I do next? Of course, I went on my laptop and typed in Instagram. I soon realized after several seconds that this was a bigger issue than just the network at my house. I hit my head, looked at my cold muffin, and gave a big SIGH. I guess I’ll just watch Netflix (which I haven’t watched in months).

As you can see, this dilemma took away valuable time in my day that could have been invested in doing something else more resourceful such as going out to celebrate with some classmates or even reading a good book and increasing my vocabulary. Millennials focus too much on social media and often don’t have real hobbies. I realized that this is not only a problem I have, but a problem that many of my peers have as well. After school hang outs are no longer a thing.

Have any of you ever tried to do a social media detox? Did you even realize that you might have an addiction to social media? I did a detox for 3 months and continue to do it once in a while. There’s something freeing about knowing that I don’t have to constantly look at someone else’s life. It feels even better to not feel pressure to post just because I didn’t post in 3 weeks! Here are a few tips on how to do a social media detox. Don’t start screaming! You don’t have to permanently delete anything! Just see how a detox can change your mindset.

Tip #1: Deactivate all your Accounts

Deactivate your Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, and yes even Facebook!

Tip #2: Uninstall all Social Media Apps

This is a crucial tip because even when you deactivate your accounts, seeing the apps on your phone may urge you to do a quick check. So uninstall that, baby!

Tip #3: Replace Social Media with other Activities

Now that you are no longer on social media, you are going to need something to fill that void. I recommend learning new skills, whether creative hobbies or DIY’s. You will find that your time is best spent developing new skills.

Now, are you going to do a social media detox this week! I want to here from all of you who did and let me know how you felt!

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