• DearAmbitiousGirl

Trick or Treat Szn: Where da moves at?

That time of the year has finally arrived… HALLOWEEN! Although you’re an adult, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Halloween season just as much as you did when you were little. I mean yeah you probably don’t want to go out trick or treating, but you do have many other options. So if you’re a big kid and looking to have an active Halloween just keep reading.

  1. Costume Party- One of the most common things to do around this time is to dress up and go to a costume party. The one time of year you can be anything you want and people won’t judge you for it (well some still will but who cares). Going to a costume party is a great way to celebrate Halloween; I mean who wouldn’t want to twerk to Back That Ass Up while dressed up like Rihanna? Sometimes if your outfit is that bomb you can end up winning money. But please, if you’re going to dress up try to think outside the box. Do something different. Nobody wants to walk in the spot and see 95 kitty costumes. Ladies take advantage of this moment. You can literally walk out of your house with as much makeup on as you want. Glitter all over the place.

  2. Haunted House- If you’re someone who is very adventurous you can visit a haunted house. Granted they’re scary af, but you will definitely leave with your adrenaline pumping and gives you an even greater excuse to go out for drinks after. Make sure you wear your running shoes because guaranteed you’ll be running out of there. (Also pee before you go!)

  3. Escape Room- Believe it or not there are also haunted escape rooms you can attend with your squad. If you thought a regular escape room was hard, try getting out while because you want to avoid “death”. This is a great group activity and will really show you which of your friends you wanna be around if things ever got that crazy.

  4. Fright Fest- In the mood for a trip? Try going to fright fest. The one time where you will find zombies haunting Six Flags. The have many haunted attractions at your disposal including a few haunted mazes, a haunted mansion, scary clowns and a few shows. Not to mention you can still ride some of your favorite roller coasters for these few days before it’s closed until next summer.

  5. Squad Night- If all else fails and your friends are being wack as hell, you can always have a squad night. Bring out the snacks and your favorite Halloween classics to enjoy while sipping on some Henny. Although you’re in the house, you’ll be feeling nice and even better that you can have fun with the people you bangs with most.

*Remember … Halloween is only a dub if you make it one!