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Exploring your spiritual self to resolve your issues.

Each of us have our own unique pain, love, beauty, struggle story. The challenge is rising above all the challenges. One of the first steps is managing your chi (energy) A spiritual bath will do the trick!

Hyssop comes to the rescue for my clients every time when combating explosive realities. Our bought sense leads us to fight war w/war. But that's too easy. Take the road less traveled by exploring your spiritual self to resolve your issues.

It is said that water represents emotions. The waves of the tide are led by the moon. The moon represents women. When balancing our emotions, we must take to the water. Our source. It's only right we combine the medicine of water with one of the most scared herbs known to man. Hyssop!

Taking regular Hyssop baths improves our perception, allowing us to observe ourselves in a loving way. Bye bye criticism. Once we spot an error, we now reverse it & release it's energy w/our own peace love n lite energy. We change the whole world once we change our perception.

Hyssop baths allows the Central Nervous System to relax, directly effecting the nerves. This is a concentrated spiritual mixture made from 100% natural herbs plus hyssop, resulting in 1 of the most powerful spiritual baths available on the market. Bathing for 45 mins in this healing bath & physically feel the negative vibes melt off you. This family safe product balances your nerves and greets your soul by honoring your true essence. I bet you want some right now!

Hyssop Bath Instructions:

▪Run a warm bath & pour mixture inside (4 oz rec)

▪Bathe 45 mins

▪Write out all your thoughts & feelings

▪When done, let out water & release whatever doesn't serve you

▪Air dry

▪Moisturize w/coconut oil

3 Sizes:

▪Single Bath Mix: $15 add s+h

▪3 Bath Mix: $25 add s+h

▪7 Bath Mix: $35 add s+h

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