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Rih Rih’s 40 Shades of Slay

Surely enough you’ve probably heard or even bought something from Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty launch which happened last week (unless you live under a rock). Muva Rih came in the game with a huge bang and SHUT. IT. DOWN! Her launch took social media by storm as word started spreading on the products her line features.

This brand is unlike any other beauty brand that we have seen thus far and has been given the stamp of approval by many well-known beauty gurus. What makes it so special you ask? Well let’s just start off with the 40 shades of foundation it features ranging from the lightest of light to the of deepest skin tones. Yes hunny you read right. She did NOT come to play. Sis really dropped 40 shades on us. If you are a super chocolate girl and have yet to find a brand that caries your shade…. Fenty Beauty is probably just what you’re looking for, but act fast because you already know these shades are going fast. Rihanna’s beauty collection really came in and did what other brands have been struggling to do for the longest. Now let’s just watch and see how many will be quick to try and jump on the bandwagon.

In addition to her array of foundations, Fenty Beauty carries 20 shades of match stixs, which are essentially for concealing, color correcting and contour. 10 playful shades of match stixs that can be used as blush, bronzer or highlight. Of course she included some brushes to use, a POPPIN’ universal lip gloss, blotting powder and paper ANDDDDDD her 6 Killawatt compact highlighters. Now everybody loves a little highlight and glow but have you seen what the ‘Trophy Wife’ highlighter looks like? *Gags* If you haven’t, stop reading this right now…. run down to your local Sephora and check it out NOW! If you really wanna glow you need this in your kit. It is definitely an intense highlighter and the good thing about these is that you can also use them on your eyes as well. Granted everybody has a different opinion of which products they like and dislike, but there is a little something for everyone.

Fenty Beauty is available online and you can also buy it at Sephora which is litt because you don’t have to play the guessing game when is comes to shades. It is very affordable, ranging from about $10-$54. Finally a launch that caters to all shades of beauty in just the perfect way.

Rih.. girllll you outdid yourself with this one. From music, to fashion, to beauty, what can’t you do? Wonder what’s in store for the future of this brand. Whatever it is, certainly everyone is READY!

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zISrf-7V3U&t=1264s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R-Q8sd8jN8&t=1214s