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Stop Giving Life To Dead Situations!

If you haven’t guessed it already, this post is all about relationships. Lets cut to the chase ladies… take a second to make the promise to yourselves that you will stop giving life to dead situations that do not benefit you physically, emotionally, mentally, professionally and the list goes on. Now what exactly does this mean? Whether it is a romantic or friendly relationship, we can all admit that we try to hold on longer than we should. For what? DON’T BE AFRAID TO LET IT GO.

If your partner cheated on you 3 times already and thus far you have been taking them back, at what point do you think things are going to get better? If you find that one of your friends has been talking about you to other people, they are trying to show you their true colors …. So believe them and dip.

As women it is almost programmed in us to be the one to stick it out. Not saying that you shouldn’t try and work through your problems. But, there is a fine line between working through a problem and just sticking around for the sake of it. Maybe you are comfortable in the state of your friendships, maybe there’s something about a person that you feel you can’t live without. Don’t forget these rules apply to both your friends and lovers because you should in fact have love for your friends as well. Nothing wrong with being in love, the key is being able to identify when love doesn’t love you back.

A huge problem with women getting into relationships is that some don’t belong in relationships to begin with. If you lack confidence and independence, being in a dead relationship isn’t going to teach you that. You don’t want to have to feel like a person is you everything and without them you have nothing. No! A strong woman is going to make it with or without a significant other by their side.

A lot of times when you lose a friend the signs have been there for a while, pay attention. Don’t lose yourself trying to be the very best person you can be to someone with nothing in return. Who wants a “so-called” friend that would steal from you, constantly put you down or anything else? LET THEM GO! Maybe it’s a comfort factor. You are all in the same group of friends so it may be awkward if some of you are at odds. That is exactly why it is important to be as strong and independent as you can. That way nothing anybody can do or say to you will break you. You should be able to walk down the street by yourself and still feel like you are IT.

At this point in your life you should be focused on surrounding yourself with people that you truly care about and vise versa. You are smart, you are beautiful and you have things that you can bring to the table so why would you allow just anybody to sit and eat? There is absolutely no need for you to have to convince somebody how BOMB you are. About 7 billion people on this earth, so if one person can’t seem to get it together chances are there is someone else out there that will.

Always Love Yourself First.

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