• DearAmbitiousGirl

Stand up, walk tall and establish your inner strength!

I have always wondered why there are no modeling agencies for the petite population. I bet most of you have either never thought about this or have wondered the same. Being a five feet (Yes! I don’t care what anyone thinks lol!) woman in her late 20’s there was a time I hated wearing jeans (pants) because often times I had to visit the tailor to cut my pants for almost half the price I paid for them. This was very annoying because I thought I was in a country where all are welcome. However, a couple of years ago I realized there are select stores that carry petite clothes, even though they disappear faster from the racks.

Ok! Enough about my complaining! I just wanted someone to feel my pain lol! Now back to the real deal. There are a lot of different things that can affect the confidence of an individual, such as weight, height, appearance, speech, race, color and many more. In a society where a standard of beauty is set and whoever does not fit in this standard is deemed less beautiful or not at all. Believe it or not, years ago I once went to a modeling agency due to someone submitting my picture unknown to me. I liked the experience but it was disappointing at the end because they said I am pretty but I don’t fit into the height and weight requirements. This might not be a big deal to some people but it shattered something in me. At that moment I felt I wasn’t good enough and even if I could work on my weight, there was nothing I could do about my height.

One thing about life, if you are not accepted based on some shortcomings, believe me there are a lot of attributes within you that the world will be forced to appreciate. Although I was rejected from one goal of life, I fought back with being intelligent. I took my education seriously, worked harder in school because numbers will never lie. In the case of others, your fight back might be singing, dancing, articulate speech, creative thinking, sports, style and so much more. Please ensure to be the best you can at it. When you are good at what you do, people have no choice but to respect you.

There was a time I cried to my dad, I was feeling sad because whenever anyone made fun of me, the first thing was my height. He looked at me and said “You might be short but walk tall like you are six feet tall and people will have no choice but to respect you”.

Honestly, that was the cure to any intimidation or sadness relating to my height. I have kept in mind never to slouch and always walk tall because the way you carry yourself reflects on how people will respect you! Never underestimate the power within you! Stand up, walk tall and establish your inner strength!