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Summer 17' - Am I really swimsuit ready ?

Summertime…… The few months we have to enjoy the outdoors, take trips and just live life to the fullest. One thing many of us women probably struggle with is feeling confident and beautiful once it comes time to throw on that bathing suit for a day of fun. Pool parties, days at the beach or even visiting a water park are things that are supposed to be fun, but it can take a turn for the worst if you have to spend your entire day self-conscious about your body.

If you are one of these women, please remember that you are not alone. But, also realize that it doesn’t have to be like this. Now it may sound a bit cliché but beauty really comes from within. So if you’re confident in your own skin, there shouldn’t be anything anyone can do or say to make you feel any different. You can throw on that bathing suit with pride and flaunt what you have.

For others of us it may not be that easy. If you’re a person who may not necessarily love how youlook on the inside it may not be as easy as just trying to exude confidence, but does that mean you should hide yourself? NO! Everybody has things they don’t like about themselves no matter if you’re super skinny or super thick. The secret is finding items you can wear that will compliment your shape and make you feel good about yourself.

1. Large Breasts- Having large breasts is nothing to hide or feel ashamed of, even though if you do have them you probably feel otherwise. If you fall in the D+ category you might want to try swimsuits that mirror bras and have underwire for some extra support. Buying tops with adjustable straps, halters and high necklines will make your life a lot easier. You can still be fashionable while not having to worry about your boobs falling out.

2. Small Breasts - On the contrary, if you have smaller boobs your process may be a little different. Your best bet would be to buy tops that have extra padding or that are push up to create the illusion that something is there. Creative patterns can also help you in this department.

3. Looking to hide your tummy? - This might be the most popular insecurity women share. Believe it or not you can still wear a two-piece. Try opting for a bottom that is high waisted for a little added tummy control. If you don’t think you’ll be completely comfortable there’s nothing wrong with a one piece that is equally as fashionable. Find a swimsuit with some extra cut outs to take that boring one piece from drab to fab.

4. On the curvier side - If you’re choosing to conceal your curves you can pick solid colors, which will aide in slimming you down. High waisted bottoms are a great choice for this body type as well. You may also want to try color blocking. There is nothing wrong with being a curvier girl. Please don’t feel like you cannot show a little extra skin.

5. Slim fit - For this body type you have a wide range of options to go with. Choosing a two-piece will help accentuate your tone build. If you’re trying to get away from a two piece you might want to try a one piece that has some cutouts that will display the same.

At the end of the day, it’s all about being confident in the skin you’re in. What makes women beautiful is that we have such wide varieties of body types. Everyone isn’t meant to look the same, so never be ashamed because you don’t look like what society portrays the average girl to be. Rock that bathing suit and ignore the naysayers. Click the link below to check out an online boutique that will have a little bit of something suitable for every type of women out there :


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