• DearAmbitiousGirl

BEAUTY: Who defines?

Well, we all know the saying “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”-Margaret Wolfe Hungerford. Yes! this quote is true but to a certain extent. There are people that still look in the mirror and believe that they are ugly or not good enough. its either the notion their environment has succeeded selling to them or the group of people they have decided to hang around. Humans are very quick to classify people based on their appearances. Think about it! Even when you were younger, the so called “pretty girls” are the ones you wanted to be your friends. Where did we learn that from we don’t know.

I believe everyone walks a totally different path in life. Some have it smoother than others. I remember when I was in high school, I was not popular at all. Matter of fact, I had just come to the US from Nigeria. I had no clue what was going on. The system was still very different and difficult for me to comprehend. While in Nigeria, I KNEW I was beautiful in my eyes and in the world I lived in. However, due to change of environment, I was made to feel like I was at the bottom and so many others were better than me. This was sad! I remember being bullied and robbed of my confidence as the days went by. Now to think of it we were all young people from different backgrounds and trying to impose it on others.

It’s extremely funny to me now that being NIGERIAN has become an IN thing! I remember when even American born Nigerians detested being called Nigerian. However, now everyone wants to hear our music, attend our weddings, dress like us. I am not bashing anyone but things have changed in the span of a decade. Going out of High school, my confidence in my appearance and ability was at an all time low. Yes it was, but thank God for wisdom! I went into college with a different mindset. I knew this was another chance to reset my life, mindset and identity. I began to choose my friends wisely. Anyone that talked down on me or try to over-esteem themselves around me were instantly eliminated. I began to behold the beauty I saw within myself and let it exude out of me.

Sadly, not everyone went the same route as I did. However, it is never too late to reset your standards, mindset, appearance. Look within yourself figure out what and who you don’t need in your life. There are people that come into your life and things become better all of a sudden. Then there are some that make it a mess and leave you in it. This is something that is not thought in our school system but has to be self thought. Wisdom is a great deal in knowing who you are, what defines you and who defines you. Be the best version of you!


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