• DearAmbitiousGirl

A D.A.G Letter: Letting Go of Fear and Unleashing Your Potential

Dear Ambitious Girl,

Do you feel like you are taking the long way home when it comes to chasing your

dreams? Are you settling with your current situation because going all in on what

you love is too risky?

Yea, I understand. We’ve all been there but the time to live is now. We have to stop

letting fear, doubt, and uncertainty hold us back from reaching our full potential.

Working retail to get by isn’t getting you any closer to your goal of being a fashion

designer and working at the local movie theater isn’t the start you need to be the

next Spike Lee.

Apply to that job. Sis, you’ve been thinking about for weeks but always talk yourself

out of it. The opportunity is knocking on your door; you just have to let it in. Put in

those job applications that will help you get to where you need to go. Don’t be

scared to take the next step.

Block out all the negativity. Let go of anything that weighs you down on the road to

success. No good guys and even friends need to be let go if they are doing more

harm than good. Change the relationship that you have with your thoughts, and put

all the pessimistic things out of your mind.

Take a leap of faith. Running after your passion isn’t going to be an easy task. You

may have to move out of that luxury apartment in your hometown and rent out a

basement in NYC if that’s where your market it. It could call for you to pack up for

your life into a suitcase and move to LA for a shot at becoming the next best thing.

We all have potential but what good is it if it lives behind fear. Expose your potential

to yourself and to the world. That idea that you have, make it a reality. Don’t be

afraid to dive in headfirst and flourish into the best you. In the words of the dopest

MC, Jay-Z, “Every human being has genius level talent. God has given every person genius level talent. You just have to find what it is that you are great at and then tap into it"


A Girl Exploring Her Potential