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Story Time with D.A.G: The Time My BF Dumped Me Over A Picture

As a former college student I know March is the month everyone looks forward to because of one thing…. SPRING BREAK! If you’re currently in college, you will probably be experiencing this very soon. All the months of planning and going on binge diets are done and now it’s finally time to turn up! With that being said, I thought I would tell you all a little story about my first spring break experience.

So, its 2014 and I was in my sophomore year of college. I was in a relationship with this boy from high school, but we were going to two different schools. I had been discussing going away for spring break with him, but every time I kept bringing it up he would dub it (idk why guys feel like going on spring break is the worst thing in the world). All the while I’m bringing up spring break he doesn’t know that I’m actually planning a trip with my friends. Finally the time came where I told him I was going and when I tell y'all he was FURIOUS. This man literally did not want to talk to me, did not want to answer my calls, texts, nothing. But, being the finesser that I am, I was able to convince him that he had nothing to worry about.

That year we ended up going to Miami and I had a ball! At the beach everyday, walking the strip, meeting new people. It was a blast. The whole time I was there I barely texted my boyfriend. Not intentionally, but there was just so much going on. We went at the beginning of the week and came home to New York on a Friday. My boyfriend had come home for the whole break, so of course he was waiting for a text as soon as I landed. Or so I thought. I’m texting him letting him know I’m home and trying to hold a conversation and he decides he’s gonna give me one word answers. Then he has the nerve to ask me to use my computer. So you know I gave him that quick N-O.

A few days passed by and we didn’t really speak. I knew he was still in his feelings so I just gave him time to get over it. He hits me up again asking to use my computer and I give in and say yeah. I already felt a little bad for going to Miami even though he didn’t want me to, so I decided to give in this ONE time. I went to his house, dropped off my computer and came back home. Not even 1 hour goes by before I start getting these crazy texts to my phone from him. He was saying things like “ Im glad I know how you really on it, I knew you wanted to go away to act up, etc” and Im just at home wondering what in the world he’s talking about. So I reply like “Im confused…” and when I tell you he started blacking. I felt like I was getting yelled at by my father. After yelling through text for a good 10 minutes, he finally shows me what he was talking about. He sends me a picture I had on my computer of a selfie with me and a boy I met while in Miami. Mind you nothing even happened with the boy. At this point I’m not evening arguing anymore because I know I didn’t do anything.

To shut him up I ask for my computer back and he had the nerve to tell me he left it outside. Can you say I was HEATED. I called him asap and just lost my mind. I was so mad and he was so nonchalant, which was making me even madder. I go get my computer from the door and now I’m just over it. I delete his number and I went on with my day. A few hours later I get a text from him saying he’s over me playing games and all this other mess and I didn’t even care so I just replied “ok” lol.

If you guys thought it was really over, think again because a few weeks later he hit me up wanting to fix everything. Moral of the story….. Be young, have fun and don’t let your “boo” make you live a boring life because 9/10 times, even if he thinks you did something wrong that you know you didn’t, he’ll end up right back at square one.

-Written by an anonymous source-