• DearAmbitiousGirl

Pockets Feeling A Bit Too Dry? Smart Saving At Its Best

Lately I’ve been in an extreme … EXTREME spending mood. Whatever I come across I want to buy. I have to have it now! I’ve been spending way more money than I need to. You name it; I’ve probably gone out and bought it within the last month or so. Food. Shoes. Clothes. Makeup. Bags. Need I say more? It wasn’t until after my shopping obsession that I realized how much money I was actually wasting. Well, lets not saying wasting - because I love everything I bought, so a better word would be spent.

Having a huge reality check was all I needed to know that things had to change. First off, you never want to NOT have money in your pockets, I know that my expenses will definitely increase once summer hits (day parties, happy hours, concerts, vacations, etc.) and saving your money will always benefit you in the long run. With that being said, I came across a little challenge I saw on Instagram and I want to encourage everybody to try it as well.

Now to get started you do not need anything but your money and a jar to put it in. It is called the Five Dollar Challenge. I know it sounds super easy because it is! All you do is take every $5 bill you get and put it to the side. DO NOT SPEND IT. Think about how many times during the week you probably break a $20 and get a $5 bill back. If you only put away $5 each week for the whole year, you could have an extra $260 on your hands and that’s at bare minimum. You can always add to the challenge as well. Instead of just saving $5 bills you can include $1 bills with that. Another way to do the challenge is to start off saving $5 a week and each week you increase the amount you save in intervals of 5.

I personally started doing this challenge in the beginning of March and I’ve already saved 70 bucks. I most definitely recommend this challenge to ANYONE looking to keep money in their pockets. It’s so simple, how could you not want to do it? Happy Savings Ambitious Girls ☺