• DearAmbitiousGirl

What’s In My Bag? A Girl’s Guide To Staying Prepared From D.A.G.

Being a female isn’t always the easiest thing. I know for me personally it can get very overwhelming sometimes. I bet guys don’t even realize how much harder it is to be a girl. Between people expecting you to look perfect 24/7 to even just remembering when your menstrual is going to fall this month, things can get pretty hectic.

With all the things we have to do daily, my bag literally becomes my best friend. It holds everything I will need on a daily basis and I must say without it…. I WOULD BE LOST! The items I keep in my bag are vital to me being able to function properly, so I thought I’d share them with you.

  1. Mirror- A mirror is one of my holy grail items. I mean think about it. At all times you need to be aware of what you look like. Imagine you just ate a huge salad for lunch and now you have an interview in 20 minutes but you don’t have a mirror. You can only imagine the things that could be stuck in your teeth but you can’t fix because you can’t see it. What. A. Nightmare.

  2. Hair Brush- I know when I have a weave in my head, keeping a brush in my bag is a MUST. I never want to be the one caught with a tangled weave, especially if I’m going to an important function. That’s a big No No!

  3. Lotion- Throughout the day we go through a lot. Carrying groceries, driving, touching doors, washing our hands non-stop. Sometimes we do start to get a little ashy and nothing feels worse then having to walk around with dry, cracked hands. They don’t look appealing and I KNOW it feels horrible as well.

  4. Mints/Gum- I don’t even really need to go into detail with this one. Basically NOBODY WANTS TO SMELL STINK BREATH. Ever talk to somebody who smells like they just ate 20 garlic knots ? Yea, nothing is harder than having to hold a conversation while trying to hold your breath at the same time.

  5. Pen- Keeping a pen handy is important, especially if you’re a businesswoman. You never know who you’re going to meet, who may need your number, other contact info or even who may hand you a job app on the spot. This could be the difference between your big break or your biggest regret.

  6. Feminine Products- Unfortunately, any woman reading this is probably at that age when she still gets her period. When you first started getting your period you didn’t really think about bringing the necessary products with you because it was something totally new to you. But after getting caught a few times without being prepared, I quickly learned to never leave home without either a pad or tampon. You may be the person who has the period tracker on their phone so you know the very day it is coming but TRUST ME your cycle can change without you even knowing. Don’t Get Caught Lacking!

  7. Pain Killers – If you’re like me you get cramps during your period. Others might get headaches a lot during the day. Whatever the case is, Tylenol or aspirin will help get you through the day or at least help you manage until you can make it home.

  8. Business Cards- If you are out of college and are now trying to start your career … YOU NEED BUSINESS CARDS. You need to keep these cards with you all the time; this is NOT up for debate.

  9. Tissues- I think one of my most embarrassing moments in life would be talking to something with a huge booger in my nose. It’s pretty hard to come back from that. Tissues will be your savior for situations like this, but they can also be used for other things. If your face gets very oily during the day, you can use tissues to blot. There are so many uses for tissues, why would you not want to keep them handy.

  10. Hair Ties- Humidity can be the number one killer of an awesome hairstyle. What do you do when you’re on a date and your curls start dropping and start forming into a huge puffball? You wont regret keeping hair ties in your bag; I promise you.

Ladies make sure to keep these 10 tips in mind before you head out of your house. Trust us, these are major 🔑 🔑 🔑. Remember, ambitious girls are prepared for anything.