• DearAmbitiousGirl

Modern Day Season of Love

It's February guys, and you know what that means ! Many lovebirds out there will be looking forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day. All year long you have been thinking about what kind of gifts your significant other would be surprising you with.

The options are endless! Chocolates, flowers, jewelry and maybe even a surprise trip. I know many people look at Valentine’s Day as a holiday for women. You know, you’re supposed to wine and dine your girl and show her that you really care about her. But, what if we made a few changes this year? What if we did something different ? Instead of making it all about the females - we make it all about our beaus. Now I know for some this idea may seem very far out, but just bear with me for a moment and then you can make your decision. Think about how many times throughout the year your man actually does something special for you. He probably makes YOUR Valentine’s Day special every year, goes all out on your birthday and probably buys you random gifts throughout the year - just because. So would it really kill you to make this one moment about him?

If you’ve read up to this point and you feel like you’re willing to try it out, kudos to you. What might still have you on the fence about it may be the fact that now YOU must come up with gifts and ways you can make him feel special, something that might not be easy. Don’t make it more than what it has to be. Think of cute little things that you know he’ll love. Maybe take him out to one of his favorite restaurants and then you two can end your night front row and his favorite basketball team’s game. You can even try getting him that new sound system he wanted for his car.



Low on cash? Groupon offers this great couples massage and get this, it also includes wine (who doesn’t love that!).

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Is your boo more of the athletic type? You guys can both break a sweat together at Sky Zone without breaking the bank while still having an amazing time.

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Sometimes our “baes” get too comfortable with expecting US to cook for them. They nag us for breakfast, lunch and dinner day after day. A gift that you can give him where you don’t even have to leave the house is couples cooking lessons. That way you can stay as comfortable as you like and you don’t have to deal with being in a crowded, noisy restaurant AND hopefully he uses these skills in the future so he can stop depending on you.

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Groupon is filled with these ideas and more and the best thing about it is that these deals do not have to be used on Valentine’s Day. For those who may work during the week and don’t have time to do something on a Tuesday, this would be great for you! The most important thing is to show HIM how much you care about HIM on this day. Ladies take my advice and I promise you it will pay off. Who knows you might even end up with something extra special when it’s your time ☺.