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Celeb Beauty On A Budget …

Ladies stop what you’re doing! I want you to take a deep breath for a minute and close your eyes. I am going to say a few words and I want you to visualize people who you think embody these words. Ready? Beautiful. Perfect body. Great smile. Flat stomach. Ok, you can open your eyes. When I tried to do this exercise myself I didn’t picture regular people. All I could see were celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, K. Michelle, and Cardi B.

We all know these women have openly confessed to having a little nip and tuck done here and there, or even a little work done on their faces. Society is CONSTANTLY telling us that these new standards are what it takes to be considered beautiful nowadays. What happens to the majority of us who can’t afford to have work done that will cost us thousands and thousands of dollars? I don’t know about you, but I want to keep up with the who’s who in Hollywood.

Don’t feel discouraged. Just because we may not be rich does not mean we can’t look like the women we admire so much. HERE ARE A FEW TIPS ON HOW THE EVERYDAY WOMAN CAN ACHIEVE CELEBRITY GLAM:

  • HAIR: Hair can be a tricky thing to generalize for all women because it is incredibly diverse. From textures, colors and various lengths - a hairstyle has to be chosen with eyes wide open. We’ve all seen celebs we love go from long hair to short hair within a few days and nonetheless still look BOMB. If you want something a little longer and you can afford it, you go out and get that weave. If your funds may not be all the way there you can wear your natural hair (which is a plus because you will save a ton of $$$). Number one tip, find a style that YOU feel amazing in and rock it. After all, it’s not so much about the style itself, but the confidence you exude in it.

  • NAILS: A lot of celebrities are also following the long and decorated nail trend. I’ve seen looks on the red carpet from long stiletto nails to short cute manicures. Your best bet is to probably opt for gel manicures since they last for a while and are the least expensive choice, leaving you the option to go more frequently. You can still add bling, length or crazy designs and still end up spending half the price.

  • LASHES: Nowadays almost every Hollywood celebrity wears eyelash extensions. Did you guys really think that when you see celebrities on red carpets with pretty, long lashes, that they were natural? More than likely they’re not. This is another service that can cost you anywhere from $150-$500. For about $5 at your local CVS or even beauty supply, you can purchase strip lashes that WILL give you the same effect. Brands such as Ardell or KISS offer affordable luxury lashes to complete any makeup look. Looking for more of a dramatic look? You can stack pairs on top of each other to achieve those results.

  • PERFECT BODY: Having the “perfect body” is something that every woman in the world probably wants. We all want to feel fabulous in that little black dress and look amazing in that bikini come summer time. Now a typical celebrity (if they haven’t already had their boobs and butt done) spends $$$$ on a personal trainer, nutritionist, chef, and many other things they do to keep their bodies looking great all the time. We can also achieve this greatness, it just might take a little more effort. You can easily go down to your local gym and sign up for a membership. At some gyms, they offer you personal trainers that can assist you while you’re there. When it comes to eating healthy, there are numbers of websites out there that give you meal suggestions and may even give you whole diet plans for next to nothing!

After reading this you may be a bit frantic. It can become overwhelming looking at all that goes into being considered “pretty” these days. You may not have a team of people to help you along the way everyday, but you do have your determination and if you really want this, nothing should be able to get in your way. Start each day and end every night checking things off that to-do list of yours - and remember, always stay AMBITIOUS.

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