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Dear Ambitious Girls…So you think you have a talent?

Ever wonder if the things that you are good at were meant to be the things you pursue for the rest of your life? In the age of YouTube series stars and “Instagram famous” people capturing you through 60 second videos, you may look at their thousands of followers and say gosh why can’t that be me. Primarily, don’t let another person’s image of success make you feel belittled. Are there going to be haters? Absolutely. Everyone has their own path, and whether you take the expressway or local back roads, you will have gotten there on in the time that was meant for you.

And to be honest ladies, statistics are in your favor. In a recent Linked in survey, women are more likely to follow their dreams and pursue what they said they wanted to be. “Women were far more likely to say they wanted to be novelist or a singer or some other creative career than men (Elmer).”

Its almost unbelievable to say, but many people actually sustain their lives, or a decent part of it, off of revenue they receive from social media endeavors alone. Take this into account for instance, Ted Murphy, founder and CEO of IZEA, said about 52 percent of marketers had a stand-alone budget for sponsored social in 2014, and about 5 percent of marketers had a budget of more than $5 million for the year. This means starting your business over the Internet can yield income your way - you just have to want it. If you are still unsure about how to go about exploring your talent and to start off strong, here are some tips on how to get the engine running.

· Discovering your Talent

o First find what it is that you are passionate about, something that you find yourself getting lost in and no time has no restriction against.

o Okay so you realized that M.D. license plate you have been appeasing your mom with hearing is the opposite of what you want – find something that you can be proud of and be ambitious about it.

· Working towards perfecting it

o Whether you are a diamond in the rough, or exceptionally well at what you do ALWAYS strive to go to the next step.

o You know how to cook a mean ‘Rasta Pasta’ – make it better than your last and keep on top of your game.

Using it for benefit

o Let’s face it, you are proud of your talent and know that there are people out there who would want to excel at this too – go ahead, show it off and be proud and you will be surprised at the following you receive from people interested in the same niche.

· Making yourself marketable

o Why sell yourself short? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Build your brand and plan every step that may lead to expanding your audience. Whether you are in it for profit, or just to share knowledge, be sincere in what you are doing and the respect in return will payoff.

The old adage “do what you love and you will never work a day in life” holds truth only if whatever you are doing is to the best of your ability. Sure you can take it not so seriously and do it as a “side- thing,” but what is the use in that if you are putting limitations on your abilities. People need to see you loving what you do and not just as something you sometimes like to do. There are dozens of clichés that can be attached to a topic like this, but that won’t do any good. Don’t worry about competition, because if anything you should be embracing it knowing that your struggle is only making your talent that much stronger.

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