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The College Corner! - Things to keep in mind.

While enjoying a much-needed month off during the winter break (sorry for those engulfed with winter classes) it can be easy to lose track of some things to keep in mind before kicking off your spring semester. So before developing heart palpitations from stressing about the next semester, here is a little checklist to ensure your transition is seamless.

  • One important thing that should be done as soon as possible is FAFSA.

  • Must complete online applications by June 30th midnight, but the earlier you can do this the better.

  • The use of a PIN to login to your previous information has been replaced with a FSA ID that you will be guided on how to attain.

  • https://fafsa.ed.gov/

  • Needless to say, the most underrepresented group to attend college and universities is the very audience this site attracts. There is a slue of scholarships out there that are aimed at encouraging African American women to attend college.

  • Scholarship.com is a very good source of awards, grants, and scholarships that all have specific criteria to meet many different areas in which help can be given.

Here are a few other scholarship opportunities to check out!

  • Attend class!

  • Many students use the first week of classes to extend their already lengthy winter break, unbeknown to them that this may be the most important week. Not to mention it will get you back into the rhythm of things.

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