• DearAmbitiousGirl

Love Thyself, Embrace Thyself.

Growing up as a woman isn't the easiest thing to do. Though It has been said so many times, unless you actually go through it, you wouldn't understand how deep it truly is. Women go through so many stages in life from as early as 8 years old to as young as 50. It's a lot to take on if you're not prepared and it can definitely take a toll on your mental stability. Combating self-esteem issues whether mentally or physically is a topic that needs to be spoken on.

So here we go.

From the time that we start finding other children to call our friends we are developing a sense of belonging. It was probably a bit more simple back then. We most-likely just chose whoever had the best toys or cuter clothes. How and why we chose our friends shaped our young minds and we weren't even aware. What about the kids that didn't fall into any of the categories?

Fast forward to the present, the age where IG models and bottle girls are goals for young women. A category that most young women don't fall into. With all these hyper sexed females out there being praised, who is to blame you for feeling a type of way about yourself? But, the goal is to face reality. Put it in your mind that you don't have the life they do - you only have the one you're living so make it count ! You don't have to have the "perfect" Coke bottle shape that is being plastered everywhere in order to be seen as beautiful. Being born a woman is beauty and strength already in itself. So, how can you combat feeling like your body isn't worth being looked at ? You look at it. Take the time to appreciate what has been given to you, whether it pokes or even if it's flat, just embrace it !

Let that confidence radiate from the inside out and trust that you will notice a better change in yourself. There are a number of young women who suffer from depression because they feel they do not fit the standard of beauty constantly being portrayed. We have heard the news of young girls committing suicide because someone they knew or maybe even did not know was constantly making fun of them. That does not have to happen anymore. As we've seen this past year, depression is an issue that even celebrities have and can end up taking a turn for the worst. Some fail to realize how serious it is and how easily it can be triggered. As women, please realize the only way to live an honestly happy and productive life is to first be CONFIDENT in yourself inside out and outside in. Love every inch of yourself truly and fully and you will see how far it can take you.

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